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Architecture/Engineering - Werner Sobek

Translation/Editing: Three books (Aktivhaus B10, Residentials & Recyclable av edition) & numerous web entries on cutting-edge architecture/engineering projects.

Travel Guides - Marco Polo / MairDuMont

Football - Lark Media

Translation: TV commentators’ info pack for a World Cup fixture between Argentina & Switzerland.

Languages - memrise.com

Copywriting & language course enhancement for Memrise, a leading language-learning App.

Video/Advert - aware.care

Copywriting/Translation: Advert for aware.care, a socially-aware app from the Netherlands.

Phrasebooks - Marco Polo

Copywriting/Content creation/Translation: Four phrasebooks (German, French, Spanish, Italian).

Education - Ernst Klett

Proofreading/Editing: Numerous textbooks for German students learning English.

Academic Publications

Editing: Numerous articles for a renowned American Studies Journal & various books & articles for academics across Germany.

Jon Andrews Language Services | Contact: jon@jonandrews.co.uk
Photo credit: Brandenburg Gate, Thomas Wolf, www.foto-tw.de

Translation: Chapters of What Matters: 2016, the German Federal Government’s annual environmental report.

History - Oxford University Press

Translation: A major work on German history for Oxford University Press.